Special Viewing Sessions – Eclipses, Transits, etc.

Occasionally, Cline Observatory holds viewing sessions for special events such as eclipses, transits, or other remarkable astronomical phenomena.  These sessions are presented in the same manner as our Friday public viewings, though if the situation requires, we may shift our portable telescopes to other locations on campus.

As with our Friday public viewings, all Cline Observatory special viewing sessions are free and open to anyone with an interest in astronomy.

Recent special sessions we have scheduled include:

  • Partial Solar Eclipse  2014 October 23
  • Venus Transit   2012 June 05
  • Lunar Eclipse  2010 December 10 (cloudy)
  • Total Lunar Eclipse  2008 February 21
  • Total Lunar Eclipse  2007 March 03
  • Mercury Transit  2006 November 08 (cloudy)
  • Total Lunar Eclipse  2004 October 27
  • Venus Transit  2004 June 06 (cloudy)

Transits of Venus & Mercury

Three hundred visitors came to GTCC to observe the 2012 Venus Transit – a phenomenon that will not be seen on Earth again until 2117.  For more information about this event and other transits, including the upcoming 2016 May 09 transit of Mercury, see our Transits page.

Lunar and Solar Eclipses  

A Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible from NC on the night of 27/28 September 2015.  Cline Observatory will be open for viewing this eclipse. Details about this and other upcoming eclipse will be posted on our Eclipses page.

Meteor Showers

Cline Observatory DOES NOT hold special sessions for meteor showers because they are best observed without telescopes, and are usually best seen from dark locations between midnight and dawn.

The American Meteor Society provides an annual meteor shower calendar,  guides to visual observation of meteors, and weekly updates on meteor activity.  TheInternational Meteor Organization provides annual shower calendars,   visual meteor observing resources, and regular outlooks on meteor activity.